Place for everything – Declutter and Organisation

There’s a place for everything.  Whether you need it is another story, but if you can find it quickly and easily, this is valuable time saved.

The Pantry
90% of us don’t know what’s in there, we have out of date items or struggle to come up with meal ideas. Order in a pantry makes coming up with easy or imaginative dinners fun and fast. Order in a pantry stops you from over stocking and wasting money, 2 for 1 deals are only good if you use the product.   How many times have you started to make something and an ingredient is missing so you have to run to the neighbours or shop.

The Wardrobe
My favourite – Never have anything to wear or always feel like you are seen in the same clothes? We all have our favourite’s, but variety is the spice of life and if you choose something 10 years old and someone says “you look nice today.” You smile to yourself and think if only they knew! Maybe you are having problems with colours and what suits you?

Wardrobes often have limited space so plan a Summer/winter space and exchange clothes for seasons. To save space, have the principle ‘buy new, throw an old piece out’.

Everyone adapts a different order to suit their lifestyle, some say colour coordinate works for them.  In my own personal space, I sort in occasions, i.e. work, weekend, evenings.  Winter in, summer out.

The Linen Cupboard
Frustrated with getting sheets out and they are the wrong sizes? Then you have to fold them up again and nothing is more frustrating if they are fitted!!
Got friends coming and can’t find two matching towels or pillowcases?
Many clients ask for a shelf designated in sizes (singles, queen, king)
Towels are bulky so order and good folding always helps.

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Review – Joan Williamson-Orr
Jenni is super organised she motivates me to stay decluttered, I know I am biased as she is my stepdaughter but I still highly recommend you seek her advice.